The Luck of the Irish

Top of the mornin’ to you, This past weekend I took a trip to Dublin, Ireland with my friend Sarah. We had a marvelous time and got to explore the beautiful city of Dublin as well as Galway, Ireland. We flew from Brussels international airport on Aer Lingus to Dublin’s international airport, which is the … Continue reading The Luck of the Irish

Live, Love, London

Hello Mate, This past weekend I went to London to visit my sorority sisters who are studying abroad for the month of May. I was bursting with excitement to see them, but it was very difficult to tell them goodbye after just three short days. I made the best of it and we lived it … Continue reading Live, Love, London


Hello Travelers, My travel schedule has been quite busy so I have been trying my best to keep up with my blog. This past week, I travelled with my two friends, Kendall and Bisma. We spent a fun-filled weekend in Prague to celebrate my 21st birthday. It was nice to have a three day weekend. … Continue reading PRAGUE, CZECH IT OUT!


Hello happy people! This weekend I traveled to what is known to be “The happiest place on Earth”, Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen has landed at the top of the charts for the last 40 years on the International Happiness Survey. I can certainly see why because there are many great benefits and most Danes are very … Continue reading THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH

Boats, Bellinis, and Bolognese

Ciao, Boy! Do I love Venice! Its’ tiny streets, hidden walkways, and beautiful bridges that intertwine like a complicated maze make you feel like you are in some magnificent fairytale. Venice is somewhere I think everyone should explore in their lifetime. I have found that most people either love it or hate it because without … Continue reading Boats, Bellinis, and Bolognese


Hei lesere! ("Hello readers" in Norwegian) I spent the past few days of my spring break in Oslo, Norway where one of my sorority sisters greeted me with a nice warm hug!! I was so happy to see a familiar face from back home! She is studying abroad for a semester as well and I … Continue reading “I LIKE WARM HUGS”

“The Series of Unfortunate Events”

This past weekend I had quite an eventful trip to Berlin! You are probably curious as to where my title came from, but due to multiple flight cancellations and airport strikes our trip to Berlin was cut short, but we made the most of it and had a fabulous time!!! My friend Bisma and I … Continue reading “The Series of Unfortunate Events”

Canals, Cafes, & Coffee Shops Galore!

Hello Hello, it’s me again!! This past weekend I traveled to the Netherlands with four other friends by train and we had a blast!! We learned so many new things through our discoveries in four new museums and two “free” walking tours in different areas of the city. First of all, I don’t know what … Continue reading Canals, Cafes, & Coffee Shops Galore!

Waffles, Chocolate, and Beer! Oh my!”

Wow! Belgium sure has a way with food… The presentation of the dishes and meals is impressive. The food literally looks too good to eat! Last Saturday, my program took a day trip to Brussels, Belgium. I thought I would share some information about a few of the sites I saw throughout the city. As … Continue reading Waffles, Chocolate, and Beer! Oh my!”